Sep 19, 2017

BookShark Level 2

This is our 2nd year with BookShark. Last year we used level K and level 1. It was so easy to use different levels for 1 child based on that child's needs.
So this year we are using level 2 and finishing up language arts level 1. I posted a YouTube video with a fast look at everything we received for our level 2 BookShark curriculum. You can view that video HERE or just view it on the top of this blog post.

We are a Christian family using a secular curriculum. We enjoy BookShark because they stay neutral on religious ideas and beliefs. This makes it easy for me to add in our beliefs and any Biblical curriculum I would like my kids to use. If you have not checked out BookShark I recommend you do. BookShark does all the work for you laying out each weeks lessons plans. With homeschooling 4 kids this year I need things to be as simple as possible.
You can get a full look at BookShark Level 2 by clicking HERE.

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