Sep 19, 2017

BookShark Level 7

It's so hard to believe that this is Aaliyah's last year of middle school. When did she grow up so fast? I know as parents we say that a lot but it seems so unreal that she is 13yrs old.

We pulled Aaliyah from public school last year in November. She didn't want to be pulled but I missed not having her home and felt she was missing out on so much. After a few weeks of being homeschooled and meeting new homeschool friends, she has come to love homeschool.

Last year I used a mix of different curriculum for her. This year I am using the BookShark level 7 for her. BookShark is the perfect fit for her. She loves to read and will read just about anything. We are in week 3 of BookShark and I find that I have to slow her down in her reading because she is enjoying the book selections so much.

Here is a look at all the things we have for her this year. The only thing I didn't show is her math. We use Teaching Textbooks.
Click HERE to go directly to the YouTube video. Click HERE to go directly to BookShark level 7 curriculum.

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