Dec 14, 2017

Alphabet Bingo

I was given the opportunity to review this Alphabet Bingo game from Timberdoodle.
My 4-year-old daughter, Haddy is learning her alphabet. I love hands-on learning materials that she can play with. I believe small children her age retain more information this way rather than reviewing flash cards. We do review flash cards, but I like that she can also do fun things with letters as well.

Alphabet Bingo comes with...

  • 6 Game Boards
  • 26 Alphabet Tokens
  • 72 Chips
  • 1 Game Bag
  • Instructions for Multiple Ways to Play

    The pieces are all very sturdy! This is important to me because preschoolers can be tough on things. I also appreciate the colorful and cute illustrations on the game boards as well as the alphabet tokens. Haddy really likes the owl picture.

    This game is very simple to play. In fact,  Haddy likes to play with it alone by trying to fill up her game board with all the chips. This game pairs well with the Learn and Draw Animal & Places workbook.
    Overall this a great easy to use piece that can easily be added into any homeschool routine. It requires minimal setup and clean up. The game is easily understood and very user-friendly for preschoolers. You can check out Alphabet Bingo here. Also, go check out Timberdooles PreK full curriculum kit.

    I made a YouTube video for this Alphabet Bingo game and how Haddy likes to play the game.

    Disclaimer: I recieved this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest opinion.


    1. My five-year-old would enjoy this, and it would really solidify her knowledge of letters. Thanks for the review!


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