Dec 8, 2017

Easy Sensory Bin | Christmas Edition

Haddy had so much fun with the fall sensory bin that I decided to make her a Christmas one. This was super easy to put together, and Haddy enjoyed helping me. Here is what you will need to make your own Easy Sensory Bin.
a container
red and green food coloring
a small amount of water
mini Christmas bows
jingle bells
some kind of "grabbers"

I made this short video so you can watch and see how we put it all together.

Both Brayden and Haddy have been playing with this bin since we made it. It helps to keep Haddy busy while I am working with the other kids. She likes to separate the bows from the bells and rehide everything in the rice when she is done. These easy sensory bins are not only entertaining but cheap to make and educational.

I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to come back in January for another themed sensory bin!

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