Jan 23, 2018

Funny Things Parents Say To Their Kids

Have you ever said something to your child that made you shake your head? Have you said something that made you think that this is something you never thought you would have to say to another human being? I have done this so many times, especially when it comes to my son.

I asked parents what were some funny things they have said to their children and I got some great responses. I want to share them with you for a good laugh. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Don't lick snow off the handrail.

Don't lick your popsicle drips off the gas station floor.

Stop licking your sister!

What are you doing behind that tree?! Pull your pants up and get over here now! No, you cannot pee on the tree, you’re a girl for crying out loud!

The IRS does not kill people with *axes*! They require us to pay *TAXES*!

Stop touching your butt!

Don't sit on your baby sister's head.

Is everyone wearing underwear? 

I'll pay you to take a nap.

No, you can't drink toilet water.

No, you cant eat soup with a toilet seat around your neck.
Is that chocolate or poop? Actually, I really don’t want to know.
Don't pick your brother's nose and eat it.
Quit putting money in your undies.
Don't pee on a random car in Walmart parking lot.

This was a fun post to write up. I had so many people messaging and commenting on all sorts of funny things they have had to say.
What are some funny things you have said to your kids?

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