Feb 23, 2018

A Wise Woman | Part 1

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
Proverbs 14:1

This verse weighs heavy on my heart as I never want to be the foolish woman. I want to be found building my house up. Does this always happen? No. I am far from the type of wife I want to be but I work daily to be better. I am only human and even on my best days, I fail. But, this is not about slipping up here or there. Mistakes happen and we can correct it. Building a home takes a lot of time and effort. Here are a few ways we can be the wise woman.

The wise woman builds her houseWe are not just talking about the physical homes we live in. The Greek definition of house is defined as a household, family, lineage, and nation.
So how do we build?
I am going to touch on this questions in 3 different ways I build my house. Later, I will expand on each topic in a severe blog post. Basically, I am going to make this into a series.
*Disclaimer* I am NOT perfect. I am just a woman who loves the Lord and wants to be a wise woman building her house. I have many areas in my life that I am working on and other areas that I really need improvement on. I make lots of mistakes and give thanks to God for his forgiveness.

To build my home I do my best to keep it clean. Yes, my dirty laundry piles up, you can find toys on my living room floor, and please don't look in my sink. But, I make sure my husband has clean socks to wear every morning, that my kids have cleaned their rooms, spills are cleaned up, and bathrooms are disinfected. It's important to me that my house is clean and I take it seriously. (most days)

I also build my house by building up my husband. It's one of my top priorities that my husband knows how much I appreciate him. I do not talk bad about him on social media and you won't find me disrespected him publically. I also try very hard to respect him as the leader of our household and submit to his God-given authority. Some of these things are easier than the others, and I am definitely not perfect in them. I am very much a work in progress and will always continue to be.

My children are the things that I will leave behind in this world when I am called to heaven. I want my kids to be God-loving people who will one day also raise God-loving kids. I teach my children about God and study the Bible with them. I show my kids grace, love, forgiveness, and discipline. I protect them from bad outside influences and try to keep them away from things that can damage them. I want to raise my kids intentionally for the Lord!

I could go on and on, on this topic. I decided to keep it short and expand on each later. There are many other ways a woman can build her house and I'm sure you can find more information on this topic. I would love to hear from you in ways that you build your home. Leave a comment below!

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