Feb 12, 2018

Baltic Amber Necklaces | Do they really work?

When people see that my 6-month-old daughter has a necklace on I get asked questions. What is that? Do they work? Are they safe? All of these questions I have asked myself before deciding to purchase one. I thought this would a great topic to write on and help to answer these questions for you.

First of all, I am in no way an expert on this. I'm just simply a mom who uses Baltic Amber necklaces. In fact, this is my second time using one. Before Raegan, I had one for Haddy. I love them and have noticed a difference in using them with both of my girls. I wish I would have known about these with my other three kids!

What is a Baltic Amber necklace?
A Baltic Amber necklace is often worn by babies to help naturally cut the pain of teething.It is thought that when the necklace is worn by a baby the warmth of their skin releases tiny amounts of oil onto their skin that is then absorbed into their bloodstream. That is my not so scientific explanation on how it works. Of course, you can do a fast Google search and find all kinds of articles better explaining how Baltic Amber necklaces work and what they are.

Do they work?
For us, yes they work. When Haddy wore hers we didn't even realize she was teething till her teeth had already poked up through her gums. She didn't show any signs of teething. She was not crabby, didn't drool, and didn't have a fever. I was completely sold after that.
With Raegan, her amount of drool has cut down significantly since wearing it. Raegan doesn't have any teeth coming in, but when she does we will see how it works for her. I will even come back and update this post. (Typically our children don't start to get teeth until closer to 12 months)

Are they safe?
Yes and no, it all depends on the parent. If you do decide to purchase a Baltic Amber necklace for your baby, you should follow these guidelines.

1. Never leave your baby unattended while wearing it, especially if you notice them reaching for it and trying to chew on it. With my girls, they didn't even pay attention to the necklace. I doubt they even realized it was there.

2. Remove the necklace during naps and bedtime. I usually just wrap the necklace around their ankle and zip up their pajamas so they can't get to the necklace. If your baby won't leave it alone, I would just take it off.

As with anything, use common sense. These necklaces can be used safely and you should follow the directions that the company/business you purchase from recommends.

How do I know if I am buying a real Baltic Amber necklace?
You can do a few things with this. If you know someone who has used a Baltic Amber necklace with their child, ask them where they purchased it from.
I like to buy from Etsy, but there are all kinds of other places to buy from. I did find a great website with a lot of information on Baltic Amber. This website also sells a number of Baltic Amber jewelry. You can find their website here.

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  1. I always wanted to try one for my kids but I was nervous. Should have taken the plunge with my littlest because he ended up a co-sleeper - my first! 😂


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